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How utility bills are handled

We ask tenants to pay either £50 for Chequers or £60 for Canichers every month into a float account that we operate for their room. 

These figures may be changed by agreement to allow for increases in utility costs. 

When the quarterly utilities bills are received, they are divided by the number of tenants in the house and the divided sum is deducted from each room's float account.

At the end of a tenancy, the float account will either be in credit in which case money is returned to the outgoing tenant. 

If there is a shortfall, the money is requested from the tenant. 

Please note that as the bills arrive at different times, we hold back £200 from the deposit to enable them to be processed and the balance returned to the tenant.

The utilities bills are from waste, rates, electricity, gas and water.

NB TV license and internet connection are already covered in the room rates.

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